Raw material delivered to the plant is pre-controlled with the aid of visual documents. A supervisor or laborant is informed, if the material is unmerchantable, that way the use of improper material is avoided.
The daily, weekly and periodical maintenance is carried out pursuant to excavator control list and any possible malfunction is reported to the supervisor.
Daily generated concrete sludge at the bottom of the plant is carried off to the recycling facility.
The daily, weekly and periodical maintenance is carried out pursuant to pump control list and any possible malfunction is reported to the supervisor.
The pump or any other used equipments are kept in service and ready to pump.
Concrete is pumped at the construction yard appointed by switchboard operator or personnel assigned for shipping , in accordance with the work safety regulations.
The vehicle is refueled and water supplied from the night before (depending on climate conditions), so that the pump would be ready to use.
The ground of the construction yard is controlled for safety, before the installation of the concrete pump. When applicable the installation is implemented. If any possible danger is determined, the supervisors are informed before concreting.
If anything goes out of order while concreting, pumping is ceased and supervisor is informed immediately. If the malfunction can troubleshooted by the operator, it will be carried out. If external assistance is summoned, the operator works together with the team to fix the failure. The causes of the malfunction, the used equipments and replacement parts and the latency time are recorded on the daily control list.
The cards, which have the information on the spare parts at the stock rooms in the plants are filled in. If any part is taken for necessity, the data is processed on the same day to the card.
Supervision of the operators for setting the pump properly; elimination of definciencies concerning the vehicles and their functions as far as possible and the unachieveable ones are to be reported to the supervisors.
Controlling the operators for their responsibility of daily cleaning and maintaining their assigned vehicle.
Compliance check of the documents, which are needed for trafic regulations
Providing service personnel for malfunctioned vehicles and tracking their access.
Tracking the staff's arrival at work and departure from work
Assigning the personnel supervised by himself and following up.
Observed possible threats are reported to the supervisors, so that the reportings make contribution to the risk assessment systematics.
All the pumps and mixers at the plants are lubricated thoroughly and the lubrication equipments for their ability of discontinous operation are tracked.
The sufficiency of the stocks of oils is controlled.